How to roll a spliff – How to make a Joint

Ingredients for making a Joint // Spliff…

– Skins or rolling papers are essential, king size Rizzla Blue’s or Silver’s are the DailyToke’s Favorite!

– Tobacco, the DailyToke’s Favorite is Lambert+Butler, but most tobaccos will be fine for rolling a Spliff or

making a Joint

– Cannabis, about 0.4 – 0.6 is a nice Spliff / Joint’s worth of weed

– Some sort of Roach – A small piece of cardboard will be suitable

So in short you need… Skins / Rolling papers, Tobacco, Cannabis and a Roach

Step by step guide to Rolling a spliff / Making a Joint –

Pull a skin out of the packet and place it on something that is M shaped, fold some paper or cardbaod up to make this. Make sure so that the skin sits inside the top of the M and its wide open with the gum side facing yourself.

Roll yourself a Roach, Make Sure that it is quite tight so it has good filtration, the Roach plays a BIG part in making a joint / rolling a spliff.

Now put your Roach in the Spliff/Joint on your desired side ( left, right).

Now grind your Cannabis up, if you have no grinder just pick it apart so that it is in small bits.

Put a small layer of tobacco all the way across the Spliff/Joint, put a little bit more in the cone or the side that you are going to light.

Now sprinkle your cannabis over the tobacco, the DailyToke like to use excessive amounts of cannabis in his Spliffs / Joints.

Now pick the skin/paper with everything in it up, and place it between your thumb and your first fingers in both hands.

Slowly roll the Spliff/Joint so that the tobacco and weed mix shapes into the shape you want your Spliff/Joint.

When you think your Spliff or Joint is shaped to how you want it to roll the side of the skin closest to you, the one with out the gum down as far as you can go without loosing the contents.

Now try and push the edge of this side of the skin under the other, and then roll it up as son as you have it tucked nice and tightly.

Roll the spliff // joint up so that the skin is tight around the mix and the gum is just showing.

Lick it, poke it and fire that bad boy up…